Human Assumption Behavior

A couple months ago, I returned from a cross-country trip during which I met with business and education leaders in Raleigh, New York, and Chicago. It was a busy but useful trip. After returning home, my mind was of course flooded with ideas to sort out and investigate, but I found myself distracted by the memories of what I’m calling “human assumption behavior” I observed.

We humans think of ourselves as advanced, typically right, intelligent, and capable of observing our surroundings. And yet so often when we’re not paying close attention we find ourselves doing some pretty dumb things. We make assumptions; we skip thinking through what consequences will come of our actions (or inactions) because we assume we’re smart, that we’re making wise decisions. We do things that if we saw others doing similar we’d point and laugh. So I’m going to point and laugh (and pretend that I have never, ever done anything similar, which of course is foolishness and an example of human assumption behavior). Continue reading Human Assumption Behavior