Flight Goals 2015-6

Starting in the spring of 2015, while my airplane was undergoing its annual inspection, I set myself a flight hours goal for the “year” of flight. By that, I mean the year’s worth of time between FAA-required annual inspections. This is the time between April 16, 2015 (when I got my airplane back from its annual) and April 18, 2016 (when my airplane is scheduled for its next annual).

My goal for the “year”: fly at least 100 hours and land at at least 10 new destinations before the airplane’s next required annual inspection. What follows is the status of the 2015-2016 flying year’s progress to goal.

I landed at the following new locations:

  1. ORS – Orcas Island, Eastsound WA
  2. W28 – Sequim WA
  3. OKH – Eisenberg, Oak Harbor WA
  4. SFF – Felts Field, Spokane WA
  5. S59 – Libby MT
  6. Banks Lake, Grand Coulee WA
  7. 3W7 – Grand Coulee WA
  8. S10 – Lake Chelan WA
  9. Ross Lake, North Cascades WA
  10. VUO – Vancouver WA
  11. D28 – Priest Lake ID
  12. EPH – Ephrata WA
  13. ELN – Bowers, Ellensburg WA
  14. UIL – Quillayute WA
  15. S18 – Forks WA
  16. 56S – Seaside OR
  17. AST – Astoria OR
  18. MMV – McMinnville OR

Summary Conclusion

This was a great year of flying. It included a Gigglefest that included Libby MT, Grand Coulee WA, and Ross Lake. It included a flight out to Priest Lake for a seaplane fly-in/splash-in weekend. We visited Vancouver airport for the first time.

In terms of goals, I met all of them. I logged just a tad over 100 hours before dropping the airplane off for its annual.

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