Flight Goals 2016-7

This was the second year of setting and tracking flight hours goals for the year between annual inspections. Starting just after the 2016 annual inspection completed, I began working toward goals I set for myself for the “year” of flight. By that, I mean the year’s worth of time between FAA-required annual inspections. This is the time between June, 2016 (when I got my airplane back from its annual) and the end of May, 2017 (when my airplane was returned from its next annual).

My goals for the “year” were as follows:

  • Fly at least 120 hours
  • Land at at least 16 new destinations
  • Of the 120 hours, at least 60 hours will include water time
  • Of the 16 new destinations, at least 6 will be water-based

What follows is the status of the 2016-2017 flying year’s progress to goal.

I landed at the following new locations:

  1. W04 – Ocean Shores WA (22 August 2016)
  2. 3W5 – Concrete WA (26 August 2016)
  3. Black Lake, Olympia WA
  4. S60 – Kenmore, WA
  5. Lake Tapps, WA

Summary Conclusion

This was an unfortunate flying year. I miss almost every goal. I had a planned to visit 16 new located, but I managed only to get to 5. I logged 37.5% of my 120 hours goal.

There were a few reasons for this: First and foremost, the weather was much worse. There were stretches of months on end that were not VFR. In addition, I was working a lot more this season than last, so even on the rare good days, I couldn’t fly.

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