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My In-Flight Data Recorder

A while back, I discovered a little mobile app from Google called My Tracks. It’s basically a simple GPS recorder that then renders your track in various pretty ways. Here’s how Google describes it:

My Tracks records your path, speed, distance, and elevation while you walk, run, bike, or do anything else outdoors. While recording, you can view your data live, annotate your path, and hear periodic voice announcements of your progress. With My Tracks, you can sync and share your tracks via Google Drive.

And as you can see from the preview screenshots, it looks like a nifty little app:

My Tracks

Now that last page view on the right caught my eye. It had an elevation reading. And that got me to thinking, “My phone never touches the ground. It doesn’t care if I’m suspended by a mountain or air. I wonder if I can use this as an in-flight data recorder.” The answer is: Yes. Continue reading My In-Flight Data Recorder

Get a Job in 5 Steps

Seems like the economy, or more specifically the job market, is top-of-mind these days. Many people are looking for work. I overhear statistics like, “For every job opening there are over 100 applicants.” That can be disillusioning certainly, but there’s a secret in that statistic that should be encouraging, if you know how to exploit it. I know several smart folks who are actively looking for work. I fully expect they’ll have good jobs lined up in a couple of weeks. I also know several other folks who are wanting a job, but they’re going about securing one in all the wrong ways, and consequently will soon be blaming “the economy,” or the “poor job market,” or “the government” for their failure to get a job.

As it turns out, I believe there’s a way to get a job in 5 fairly straight-forward steps, but it means turning the flawed approach to job seeking upside down. Continue reading Get a Job in 5 Steps

7 Principles for How to Become Good at Almost Anything

I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while: What’s a good pattern for becoming good at something? There’s a lot of literature out there on this; most of it’s garbage (in my not-so humble opinion). I’ve read a lot of it, tried many of the ideas for myself, and I think I’ve come upon a pattern that yields reliable, repeatable successes.

That said, I should start with the caveats and disclaimers: This pattern works for me. Your results may vary, but I think there’s something to this pattern, which is why I’m sharing. This pattern will help you become good at almost anything. Continue reading 7 Principles for How to Become Good at Almost Anything